Grow your online audience during pandemic

You were just about to grow your user base when the COVID-19 pandemic locked down the world. And now you are stranded not knowing where to go.
That is the story of every business especially for the event-oriented ones like concerts, sporting events, conferences, education, seminars, and religious gatherings.

Modern technology has, however, paved a way for every business to reach its audiences globally. In fact, if used right, technology can be used to grow your audience despite the social limitations the pandemic has imposed. That technology is called live streaming.

The live streaming trend is still in its infancy. Not all businesses have figured out efficient ways to live stream their events. The audience, however, is constantly looking for live streaming options to enjoy their favorite events. That means this is the best time for businesses to invest in live streaming avenues.

Businesses usually have one apprehension, though – reaching out to the audiences. There is a plethora of online streaming content so convincing your audiences to tune into your videos is a challenge. The bigger challenge is to grow your online audience. But if you have a strategy in place, you can successfully grow your online audience for your live streaming content.

Here are 3 effective ways to grow your online audience for your live streaming

1. Create live streams that appeal to your target audiences:

Your audience isn’t tuning into your live streams to get content that they can access on YouTube anytime. People during the pandemic are hungry for entertainment since they are confined to the home-work-home route. Your regular content may entertain your regular audience, but it won’t help you reach new viewers. Analyze the kind of content that might interest your audience and which you haven’t broadcasted yet. Novelty will hook your current audience and attract new users.

2. Use Professional Streaming Platforms:

Move away from the usual YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook platforms to more professional ones. Professional live streaming platforms like Your Live Streaming give you customized live streaming solutions especially if you want to host it on your website. When your audiences view your live streams on your website, they connect your brand with credibility and individuality. Your broadcasting content isn’t like every other streamed on social media platforms. By using professional live streaming solutions you create brand loyalty across a wide audience.

3. Creative Promotional Strategy:

Of course this is extremely important. Like every usual public event, there are several means to promote your live streaming.

  1. Interviews & Reviews: Approach some of your previous users or your peers to endorse your content by giving reviews. Shortlist online reviewers who have significant fan following and connect with them.
  2. Social media: No matter what, the fact remains that social media is the perfect platform to spread the word and attract audiences to tune into your live streaming event. You need an innovative and aggressive social media strategy to stand out which means you have to start doing this weeks in advance.
    • Create teasers and trailers: Give your audience a hint of what they are going to watch. You can release a new teaser every week. A teaser can include flashy graphics, music, images or photos of any previous events, or the hosts talking about the event. You can put up these trailers on your websites, your YouTube channel, on Facebook, and on Instagram.
    • Publish posts: You should publish multiple posts about important information regarding your live streaming across all social media platforms. Remember to use relevant hashtags. Use images and gifs to make your posts eye-catching.
    • Engage with audiences: All your competitors would have posted their events on social media. How would you ensure your audience considers your information? One of the most popular ways to engage with audiences on social media is to announce prizes like early bird benefits, discounted coupons, or competitions. Keep an eye-out for comments and questions to ensure that you interact with your users.

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